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ON Residencies is a research in progress on Artists-in-Residencies models and experiences. You can read more about it below and follow it here: 

What makes a residency different than but complementary to other existing support structure for art such as galleries, museums, artists' studios, academies, or project rooms? Is a residency a place to rest or to produce? Does this precious time, rescued, or even stolen from the daily tasks and obligations at home and in one's studio, offer artists and curators a renewed concentration useful to develop their practice in an open, unpredictable manner? Or, in oppositions, are artists and curators submitted to the fate of migration from one residency to another to secure support for their work and thus go in residency simply to be able to produce, as Dieter Lesage provocatively suggests? 


Stemming from inspiring encounters and thoughtful conversations with resident artists and professionals accumulated over the years at Kunsthuis SYB, together with an expanding body of research gathered from several residency programs in and beyond Europe, “ON Residencies” is at this stage an online collection of texts, documents, images and experiences poignantly in relation to, but also loosely connected to those questions. Rather than finding plausible answers, “ON Residencies” currently aims at generating concrete occasions and imaginative mechanisms to share  and eventually even multiply these questions  together with guests and other organizations and institutions, both online and on site. 

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